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Voice alarm systems

Voice alarm system

Sound warning systems or Voice alarm systems is one of the subsystems ensuring security in buildings equipped with modern alarm systems. By installing an audio warning system in the facility, it is possible to provide quick and comprehensive information on fire hazards, as well as to effectively control the evacuation of people staying in hazardous areas of buildings.

How does warning systems work?

Voice alarm systems operate in the manner of issuing voice messages during threats directly from loudspeakers installed in key areas of the building. In situations that do not endanger the health and life of people in buildings, systems can be used to broadcast advertisements, music or ordinary informational messages.

In accordance with PN standards and the recommendations of the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection, each sound warning system should be designed in a way that takes into account:

  • equipping the system with its own power reserve,
  • equipment for automatic self-testing systems,
  • redundant loudspeaker lines and redundant operation of system amplifiers,
  • division of the voice alarm system installations into individual fire zones.

Where should the voice alarm system be used?

The use of the systems is regulated by the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of 16 June 2003 on the fire protection of buildings, other building structures and areas, as well as by the Regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration of 7 June 2010 on the fire protection of buildings, other construction works and sites.

The Ministry of Interior and Administration allows only such sound devices that have successfully passed the CNBOP testing procedure and have also obtained the appropriate certification. The method of designing, building, assembling and operating DSO systems is specified in PN-EN 60840 "Sound Warning Systems".

Sound warning systems - in accordance with the above regulations - must be installed in such facilities as:

  • commercial and exhibition buildings,
  • high and high-rise public buildings,
  • single-storey buildings with a fire zone greater than 8000 m2, in which there are more than 50 people who are not permanent users of these buildings,
  • multi-storey buildings with a fire zone area of ​​more than 5000 m2, in which there are over 50 people who are not their regular users,
  • cinemas and theaters with over 600 locations,
  • sports and entertainment halls with over 1500 places,
  • collective housing buildings,
  • hospitals, sanatoriums and nursing homes with over 200 beds in the facility,
  • metro stations, underground railways and stations.

What components are audible warning systems made of?

Each voice alarm system includes: power supply, switchboard and loudspeaker lines with line control modules and loudspeakers. In addition, the voice alarm system can be equipped with a console with microphone for broadcasting voice messages. Accessory equipment for the systems depends primarily on their installation location and intended applications.