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Meticulously and professionally executed fire building design is the most important step before taking a final decision, investment and object protection. The company TELARM fire projects over 20 years, are characterized by a carefully constructed projection of any fire protection system, alarm, electric and telecommunication systems. Company experts have sound knowledge and experience in fire building projects. All fire projects made comply with applicable building fire regulations. In addition, complex solutions are consulted with an expert for the fire protection, and in extreme cases, the unit of Fire. For us there is no impossible projects for implementation.

We do projects for businesses, individuals, and public institutions from Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Gniezno, Wloclawek, Poznań, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Warsaw.

Under the construction law construction project installing fire alarm should be a project of architectural and construction (initial) and the so-called executive design (technical) consisting of technical description and drawings.

In objects we use, the fittings, devices and components that have documentation and are approved for use in fire protection in the European Union.

The scope of protection of the object:

Local protection is at least one full fire zone, where a room is fire separated.

Partial protection. The fire alarm system should oversee such areas as:

  • Air shafts and cable channels,
  • transportation, transmission, installation, lighting shafts,
  • ventilation, air conditioning devices,
  • closets, cabins, corridors,
  • spaces between structural ceilings,
  • covered loading ramps in the open space.

Total Protection includes all spaces, passageways and technological, also channels air conditioning, ventilation and installation, which should be covered by automatic fire detection. In total protection it can withdraw from the supervision of rooms and spaces with a very small risk of fire. Separate lines of guard tour supervise spaces between structural ceilings. The fire design and choice of detectors should take into account the effect of the room height, ambient temperature, air blasts, vibration, humidity, smoke effect, radiated optical.