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Fire protection systems

Fire Protection

The private company TELARM services installation, maintenance and design of fire protection systems, fire extinguishing systems commonly fire system. The firm based in Bydgoszcz equips systems fire facilities private and public throughout Poland (such as: halls, warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, schools, universities, residential buildings, and military facilities).

The protection of people and property security

Our solutions provide the professional systems, fire protection zones designated for fire protection. Information about the threat of fire are sent immediately to the headquarters of a building. Because the system interacts with the detection systems, alarm systems and monitoring, sound warning systems, smoke and ventilation systems, the whole threat of fire is instantly recognized. The relevant units shall be informed of the breakdown event in a few seconds, and followed by a safe evacuation. 80 percent of victims die because of carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is important to smoke extraction evacuation routes, including staircases. Security systems, fire protection facilities also include elements of divisions, partitions such as fire doors and smoke-tight walls and gates and fire dampers, which protect against the spread of fire and high temperatures in the other zone.

Closed Circuit Television and Access Control

We also provide services of closed circuit television systems (CCTV), access control, time recording, external security systems, integrated control and preview the video.

We have many years of extensive project references. Our recommended equipment and fire detection systems are reliable, for several years manufacturer’s warranty. Cooperating with us manufacturers of security for years are among the leading companies in Poland and the World.
Quality of service is of particular importance for us, because it concerns the areas of security protection such as threat to life, health, property and the environment.

All equipment installed by the company are certified by the European Union.

In many cases fires are caused by:

  • the poor condition of the electrical installation,
  • improper operation of electrical appliances,
  • accidentally setting fire,
  • arson.

Tasks that meets the installation of fire alarm in the protected object:

  •  fire detection in the early stages of development,
  • service notification facility security about the situation,
  • turn off ventilation systems and air conditioning systems,
  • switching devices for smoke,
  • closing holes in the walls of fire partitions,
  • the inclusion of installation sound system notifying the threat,
  • start extinguishing systems,
  • control of other devices in the facility,
  • informing the fire brigade in case of fire monitoring.