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Paging Call Systems

Paging call system

Emergency call system or paging system, as the name suggests, are used to call people and third-party organizations in a quick, instant, effective, bright manner through an audible signal installed at the recipient, or also in a visual form such as changing the color of the signal foot. Mainly used to call for help or to provide care by a person who requires it.

Calling installation

The calling installation consists of cabling of the pulse transmission route from point A to point B through a traditional method - a cable, an electric wire or a modern one via a wireless signal. Proper design and layout of impulse units results in smooth and error-free operation of the installation throughout the duration of the work of the building provided therein. The installation calls with a button located in a convenient area and close to the person who uses it. The installation consists of an on / off switch, the main system controlling the system.

Institutions provided with a paging systems

Paging systems are used in many private and public institutions such as: health care, i.e. private and public hospitals, healthcare homes, medical facilities, clinics, sanatoriums and factories, halls, hotels, penitentiaries and many other units and rooms adapted for other disabled people, e.g. toilets.

The popularity of the system is also expanding in the catering business, where the customer can call the waiter, or in reverse order, get feedback that his dish is ready.

Pros of emergency call alarm system:

  • it improves the communication system,
  • easy to use,
  • allows immediate action and reaction,
  • relatively low installation cost,
  • compatible with the current system in the facility.

Modern call systems perform additional functions such as light management, remote control of television, radio reception, telephone call transfer and voice communication.