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Voice alarm systems

Voice alarm system

Voice alarm systems allow you to efficiently and reliably notify the danger. Voice systems informs with planned automatic manner. Systems allow to carry out the evacuation of vulnerable areas without causing panic. Alarm systems installed by our company are connected with the systems of detection, in example with access control and fire detection systems. The event, the message is sent automatically without requiring operator attention. Thanks to conduct, rescue operations shall be in accordance with the evacuation procedure, without alerting in areas not currently threatened. Electro-alarm systems are used wherever there is a danger for the people: public buildings, office buildings, banks, commercial buildings, schools, sports facilities, hotels, or passenger ships. A well-designed voice alarm system must comply with all standards and regulations related to alarm systems.

Voice emergency quality

Our voice evacuation - emergency systems meet the requirements for reliability, high quality of messages, an integrated emergency power supply 24 V, and the automatic control system integrity from the microphone to the speakers. A wide range of speakers and speaker equipment allows for optimal selection by the client devices depending on the size, shape and acoustic properties of the interior, and other requirements of the room decor.