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Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm system, protects property and people from fire hazards. A properly functioning fire protection system protects the object against a fire in the initial phase, before the fire starts, initiates a fire alarm and automatically notifies the appropriate fire brigade. The fire protection system consists of a control panel for fire extinguishing devices, smoke and fire detectors.

Our company services of fire alarm system:

- executive project,

- cooperation with an expert of fire protection,

- comprehensive execution of the fire protection system,

- maintenance and service,

- assembly of devices with the necessary fire certificates.

Pursuant to the ordinance of the Ministry of Interior and Administration of Poland regarding fire protection of buildings and structures, it is required in buildings of public utility, stations, banks, schools, libraries, museums, hospitals, single-storey buildings with areas over 5000 m2, multi-storey with areas over 1500 m2, commercial, theaters , cinemas, spectator halls, and many more.